I’ve always been a big fan of books – paperback, hardback, audio, e-books – you name, I’ll read (or listen to them).  In an effort to share the wealth and organize my thoughts, here’s what I’m reading now and have recently finished.

August 2013

The Passage (Justin Cronin)
A friend of mine recommended this series months ago, but I had to wait until it went on sale on Audible – the only books I’ll spend 2 credits on are the Game of Thrones series.  A semi-creepy, really well written post-apocalyptic story of vampires and survival.  *Not your typical vampire book.  A very long book (about 30 audio hours!) – I’m about 1/3 through and am starting to get a feel for where this is going and already recommend picking it up (when it’s on sale).

The Red House (Mark Haddon)
I went to the library in search of another Haddon book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, which was checked out (the nerve…).  So I grabbed this instead, because it had a pretty cover.  I’m barely a few pages in, but so far it seems to live up to it’s dysfunctional modern family story.  The jury’s still out, as I need a bit more time to get a feel for this one.

On Deck

Velocity (Dean Koontz)
Con Ed (Matthew Klein)


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