About Me

Hi!  I’m Kim.  Welcome to my piece of the internet pie.  I am thrilled that you stopped by for a visit and hope that you find everything you’re looking for while you’re here! (Hint: you won’t. But don’t let that stop you from looking.)

I’m a country girl who left rural Ohio for an education.  I recently finished a PhD in Sports Medicine and landed my dream job as a professor and researcher.  Because of the new job, my husband and I packed up our lives and our dogs for a new adventure in the country and mountains of Virginia.  The Homestead is full of mid-century charm and needs just a bit of love from us to fit our personalities and sensibilities.  We’ve got a little bit of land, a pond full of koi, a few Silkie chickens, two sweet dogs, and a brand new life awaiting us.

I drink a lot of wine, love a good cocktail, and can appreciate beer more days than not. I’ve been a baker for as long as I can remember, and have recently applied my kitchen talents to non-desserts.  I try to keep my kitchen clean – local foods and produce – and am anxiously awaiting next spring to get started in my newly inherited mega-garden. Currently, it’s just growing 6 foot tall weeds.  But a little tough love should whip it into shape in no time.

There’s no real flow to this blog.  Sometimes I review wine, sometimes I share recipes, sometimes I tell stories that may or may not be interesting.  I’d love for you to stick around and learn a bit more about me.  And maybe laugh at my awful jokes once in awhile.

Now, on to the wine! 😉


19 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks for stopping by! I found your blog the other day and am so glad I stumbled upon it – it is so, so funny. Our gray dog is a Weimaraner, but she does looks a lot like your Vizsla, and probably acts similar too. She’s just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever met!

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