The Homestead – Dining Room Sneak Peek and DIY

As of tomorrow, we will have been all settled into the homestead for 3 whole weeks. Three glorious weeks!  My absolute favorite room in the house so far is the dining room – because that’s where the food is eaten. But for real, it’s my favorite. Because of all of the hard work (i.e. blood, sweat, and tears – literally) that went into this room. 

As soon as we knew we’d be moving into an old farm house, Blair decided that we needed an old farm table. And because he’s all fancy and a whiz with power tools and the like, he decided to build us said farm table. After a few minutes of planning, a dozen trips to Lowe’s, and aforementioned blood, sweat, and tears – we built a table, y’all!

In the near future, once Blair tells me how we built it, I’ll write up a tutorial. It was weirdly easier than expected. Granted, he did the hardest parts, but still. We’d do it all over again – if we could sell the table for profit – no one needs two dining tables.

Once we finished building our gorgeous table, we decided we needed a china cabinet. Because we have the world’s prettiest china and people need to see it. After a trip or two to our favorite antique store, we found a perfect cabinet that needed just a little bit of DIY love in the form of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Versailles.

Last but not least, the easiest and most recent project was to paint the interior of the quaint old corner built-ins to match the china cabinet and allow our barware to pop a bit in the cabinet.

This was a quick and simple update – we had some leftover chalk paint that I stirred up and brushed on. There was nothing to it!  We chose not to wax the interior of the cabinets to keep the paint vibrant and to be sure that our delicate glassware wasn’t damaged by wax over time. Here are some before, during, and after pictures to show the transformation.

We still have a few projects to go in the dining room – patching nail holes in the wall left from the previous owners, finding a paint color that better suits the space, repainting the trim, and adding crown molding – but we’re in no hurry. We’re busy living (and eating)!

Let’s chat!
Have you tackled DIY furniture?
What color should we paint the walls?
How gorgeous is that light fixture?!


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