Ruffino Chianti 2011

As the weekend is winding down, so am I.  And what better way to do that than with some readily available and very sippable Chianti?!  I looooove Chianti.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that before.  While this isn’t the best or my fave Chianti ever, for less than $10, it is definitely drinkable.

We spent all day yesterday in our soon-to-be new hometown touring the city and suburbs with our awesome new realtor.  The house hunt has begun.  And it is all at once crazy exciting and absolutely terrifying.  We’re not super serious about the house hunt yet, but if the right place becomes available, we’ve got some thinking to do.

We spent about 4 hours roundtrip in the car, another 7 hours with our realtor, and were totally wiped out by the time we made it home.  Cue takeout Italian dinner and some grocery store wine.  We picked up a Ruffino Chianti and a Simple Naked Cabernet Sauvignon.  The Cabernet hasn’t been broken into yet, but I don’t need to drink it to tell you that I love it.  We frequently pick up the Simple Naked Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and when we can find it, we stock up.

They’re great everyday wines.  And if you haven’t caught on yet, most of the wine that I drink it suitable for every day drinking.  It takes a lot to get me to open any wine that costs over $20.  I consider those my special occasion wines, because they come from my favorite wineries most often, and I hate the thought of parting with them.  First world problems?

Speaking of everyday wines, this Chianti falls right into place.  And yes, I resisted the urge to buy the only other Chianti at Food Lion that comes with it’s own straw basket.  It’s tradition for Chianti to be bottled and stored in these cute little baskets.  But I wasn’t looking for cute.  I was looking for trustworthy.  Note: you can’t always trust cute things.  Like small woodland creatures, angry babies, or clearance items from Target.  

How cute is that dry erase note board? Muchos gracias Jenny! I looooove it! 🙂

Ruffino Chianti 2011

Ruffino Chianti 2011 $8.99 ðŸ·ðŸ·ðŸ·

This Chianti is fruity, very berryful, and smooth.  The finish is slightly dry, but not pucker up dry.  Just a quick burst at the finish to leave you satisfied (and if you’re me, to keep you from chugging the wine too quickly).  It’s a medium-bodied red wine – not too bold or overpowering.  I’m pretty sure I could talk my non-red wine loving friends into trying this wine.  But if they don’t like it – more for me.  I would (and have) buy it again and again for this price.  But in the meantime, if you’re looking for a super awesome and still reasonably priced Chianti style wine, check out my absolute favorite Sangiovese Reserve from Barboursville Vineyards.

What is your favorite medium-bodied red?
Do you have any recommendations for grad student priced Chianti?

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8 thoughts on “Ruffino Chianti 2011

  1. I see from the picture that the bottle is pretty much empty, which must mean that it really is a good wine. I have never had Chianti before, I’ll look for it the next time I’m at the store.

  2. I agree with Lisa, sounds like this is exactly something I’d like! I’ll have to try it out! Also, you can trust clearance from Target. Small woodland critters, nope. And I definitely agree with not being able to trust angry babies. You’re so wise.

  3. As much as I love red wines, I rarely drink Chianti. Maybe I’ll have to pick this one up (since it’s in my budget–and since it looks like something I’ve seen in my usual grocery store). By the way, I love the dry erase board. My husband and I always say we need to keep labels or do something to keep track of wines we enjoy, and what a perfect way to do just that!

    • I don’t drink it nearly as often as I drink other reds, so it’s like a special treat. The dry erase board is awesome. I’m not sure how she made it (at least a part of it is a picture frame!) but I don’t imagine it was too labor intensive.

      Jenny, we demand a tutorial! 🙂

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