Black Box Shiraz and a Confession

Well, it not Wednesday. So, cheers. Lets sit down and have a drink, shall we? But first, I promised you a confession.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed that the name of my blog has the word wine in it. Really, the whole name revolves around a girl and her wine. She Wines Sometimes. You see, it’s a play on words. Sometimes I wine, and sometimes I whine. The clever never ends.

But here’s the thing. If you look at that little box to your right called ‘What I Write About’ you’ll notice that the largest (most written about) things are Dinner, Crock Pot, and Recipes. Which is awesome, because I eat dinner once each day, and I use a recipe to make that dinner. Unless it happens to be takeout. Which is also awesome. And I just finished a kickass crock pot challenge. So that makes sense.

And, in fourth place, is Wine. And that makes me sad. Granted, I eat much more often than I drink wine. But come on y’all, this blog was supposed to be about me and wine. So here’s the confession.

Writing about wine scares me. I’ve had the honor and privilege of “meeting” many other very well educated and very well established wine bloggers. They know wine. And they can speak intelligently about it. And that makes me feel silly. I know food, and can write about it, so I do. It’s a total comfort issue.

I mean, I know it’s a learning curve. I’ve only been drinking wine regularly for about 4 years. And I have so much more to learn. I actually remember the first time I tried wine. And the first time I bought a bottle of wine. One day, when I’m out of things to write, I’ll tell you those stories. But for now, I’m admitting that I don’t feel qualified to be a wine blogger.

But I will be, someday. Because you know what? I can drink wine like no other a 16 year old girl. And I love it. I know my favorite varietals and their main qualities. And I’m just about finished with a PhD, which means I’m good at research. As for the rest of it, I’m learning. Through tasting, talking, and researching.

And with that, I’ve done something I promised myself that I’d never do. I bought a box of wine.


Blair and I were at Kroger on Saturday perusing the wine aisles. We were looking for something affordable and drinkable. We stumbled upon a row of boxed wine. I can’t honestly tell you which one of us had the idea to stop and look, but we did.

There were 3 brands. Bota Box, Black Box, and Franzia. Because the Black Box wine looked classier, we decided to look further into it. And Blair really wanted a Shiraz. So, we bought a box of Shiraz.

And the wine gods frowned.

But you know what?! Those fools don’t know what they’re missing. Granted, this isn’t the best Shiraz I’ve ever had. Far from it. But with a $20 price tag for 4 bottles of wine packed up in a vacuum sealed box (that is eco friendly and lasts up to 4 weeks), it’s pretty darn good. And really drinkable. So much so that in 4 days, we’ve finished the box. Mmmhhhmmm.

As a review, I’ll say that this Shiraz is lighter and sweeter than I would expect. It smells nice, like berries, and lacks all of the pepper that I get from many different Shiraz…s. I have no idea what the plural of Shiraz is. So, I’m going to call it Syrah for now. Same grape, different name. Syrahs. Still hard to make plural, but it works.

Anyway, to sum up a very long post, I liked this wine. We’ve discussed purchasing more boxes. And getting rid of the stigma that all boxed wine is crap. Because I’m not entirely sure that’s true anymore.

Black Box Shiraz ~$20 🍷🍷🍷

Coming soon: What’s Up With the Box?

See more wine reviews here.

How do you feel about boxed wine?
Do you have any confessions to make?


22 thoughts on “Black Box Shiraz and a Confession

  1. I wish I could fully explain how much this post made me laugh!!!! First of all, you’re awesome at reviewing wine! Secondly, there is good boxed wine and bad boxed wine, I think you chose a good one! But don’t throw all of them into the bad category! I swear some are good…. Especially for the budget conscious folk!

    I’m proud of you for venturing out.

    My confession: I have put ice cubes in my boxed wine. And I have drank my boxed wine out of a red solo cup, many a time.

    • Haha I’m glad I could make you laugh! Every time I looked at the box I thought of you (but mostly your mom). I somehow knew you would be proud of me! 🙂 And thanks for sharing your confessions. Not that they are secrets, but it’s good to have them all out in the open!

  2. Boxed wine can be a great thing as long as its good wine. I’ve had some awful ones although you are usually safe with Botta and Black boxes. If you think about it from a wine producers standpoint, they have to pass the cost of the bottles, corks and heavy cases onto you the consumer in order to make a profit. Since the boxed wine is lighter and required much cheaper packaging you are probably drinking closer to $30-40 worth of wine!

    • I’m sort of excited to try some other types of boxed wine and stop being ashamed of it! You’re totally right that the cost savings for producers get passed right to us as customers. And it is really convenient to know the the bag is sealed and I don’t have to rush to finish a bottle before losing it to time!

  3. Hey, you are doing just fine with wine! Your reviews area spot on! And the important thingis that the more you know, the more you understand how little you know…
    As far as box wine is concerned, as Jenny said, there is a good boxed wines and the bad one – so I’m glad you found a good one. I also happened to enjoy boxed wine from time to time!
    By the way, I don’t think you can make plural out of Shiraz or Syrah… When I need to make it plural, I would usually say “Syrah wines” – just saying…

    • Thank you! I’ve enjoyed learning more about wine, especially from you and your wine quizzes! I got so hung up on making Syrah/Shiraz plural that I just gave up on it. I’m so glad to have an answer and a better way to handle that dilemma moving forward 🙂 Most importantly, I feel a lot less shame about my boxed wine knowing that many others drink it occasionally, too!

      • Kim, thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you find my musings useful : ) And I think there is no shame in drinking any kind of wine – my definition of good wine is it the one which gives you pleasure (well, not precisely mine, but it is coming from one of my teachers) – that’s all what matters!

  4. I enjoy your writing and do not feel that you have to have the credentials to pen about wines. There is nothing mysterious about wines, sometimes when I talk about a certain wine, it is the focus, and other times, I remember the wine as part of a bigger memory. I feel that a lot of the technical information can be gleaned from the winery’s web page and that it can be extra data that is not needed for your essay. Keep trying new wines especially with foods and enjoy the moment.

    • Thank you. I’m so happy to have such a positive response on this post. It wasn’t my intention to grub for encouragement when I wrote it, but it sure does make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

      You do have a great point that all of the important information can be found from the winery’s website. That must be someone’s job to write. So our jobs as bloggers is just to drink, enjoy, and give honest opinions. Thanks for stopping by and giving me some great advice! 🙂

  5. I don’t care what anyone says – boxed wine is good! My boyfriend surprised me with this big eco-friendly box of wine (he knew I’d love the fact that the box was made from recycled materials haha) and it tastes good!

    And you’re writing about something you love, which to me makes the posts interesting and I WANT to read what you have to say 🙂

    • I love that we can be eco-friendly while boozing 😉 It makes me feel much more responsible. All of the comments and reviews I’ve gotten have made me want to run out and buy some more boxes before I get snowed in today. Thank you so much for your support and the comments! 🙂

  6. I think I may mentioned Black Box in a comment on one of your posts. Or it could’ve been somewhere else. Whatevs. I’m actually a big fan of theirs and recommend when I can. We can’t have bottles poolside at our club, so we’ve been rocking these. Their cab and merlot are good, as is their NZ sauv blanc. Another terrific boxer is Yellow+Blue’s rose.

    I, too, am feeling a little shame as wine is in my blog’s name and I RARELY post about it. I usually post on food, music, and (lately) Top Chef. And I’ve been drinking craft beers and bourbon lately. So that doesn’t help.

    But don’t worry about the wine writing – you’re doing great. You actually don’t need any training to be a Sommelier – all you need are business cards that say you are. I had formal training, but I can tell you that there are many, many, many that know a helluva lot more about wines than me (and my classmates). Cheers!

    • Aha! I knew someone recommended Black Box wine to me but I couldn’t find the right post with the comment. So, THANK YOU! We trusted your recommendation and like I said, we were pleased. 🙂

      I’ve had more comments than I expected with positive thoughts. It seems like as long as we’re writing something, someone will read it and enjoy it. I guess we all need to be reminded that we don’t need to be constrained by our titles (in blogs, and in life).

      Thanks again for stopping by and for the great recommendation and advice! 🙂

  7. I love your reviews too!! and although I have to say I haven’t had any lately (mostly just because I’m dieting lol) but I think there can be some great box wines! and my absolute favorite part is the eco-friendliness (it’s my hippie vegan side ha)

    • I’m pretty sure that’s the reason I’m an unsuccessful dieter, haha! And I love your hippie vegan side and am glad they make wine to suit it! 🙂

  8. I don’t drink box wine often, but sometimes it’s just too convenient to pass up! And now there are good options out there. Bota Box makes nice little Tetra Paks that are about three glasses worth of wine and in my opinion are perfect for a picnic or day out boating in the summer. Super easy to pack!

  9. I had found a good recipe, in the latest Wine Spectator, for asparagus risotto. Had to do this one, for sure. So, I went ahead and bought Black Box Sauvignon Blanc to use in the recipe. Well, the dish turned out great. But, the Sancerre that I bought to pair with it stayed sealed. We drank the box wine, instead.
    Although, the flavor is quite neutral (the palette isn’t overly one way or the other), the wine is fresh and flavorful. So, yes, there are some nice, affordable wines that fall under the “bag-in-box” category.

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