Trader Joe’s Coastal Merlot 2009

Remember that shopping trip that I took to Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago? The one where I bought 12 bottles of wine for $55? Well, we’ve been popping corks left and right around here and the case is slowly draining. Hello, lady!

Because I know I’m going to lose the receipt before I manage to get all of these reviews posted, I’m going to share the wine list with you (but really, it’s mostly for my own good). Please don’t judge me. Remember that dissertation that I’m working on? Good. Because I forgot all about it until right this very minute.

I don’t usually see this pattern, but I was definitely feeling the Spanish wines. And so far, I haven’t been disappointed! But today’s review is the TJ’s Coastal Merlot. I’ll save the good stuff for another day.


Trader Joe’s Coastal Merlot $4.99 🍷🍷

I’m a Merlot lover. Always. Like, it’s hard for me to pinpoint a Merlot that I didn’t enjoy. But this guy, nope. Didn’t enjoy him one bit. Please don’t take that to mean that I didn’t drink the whole bottle (with assistance, clearly). It didn’t go down smooth or make me feel happy and fuzzy.

The label state rich in berry aromas with soft tannins, it is aged in oak to lend a deep, round finish. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. It was flat and stale and watered down. No berries, no deep, round finish. Maybe some soft tannins. If you tried real hard.

This is the 2nd time in a few days that I’ve been sadly disappointed with a purchase from my latest TJ’s trip. Here’s hoping the next bottle wins my heart. I have high hopes. I mean, there aren’t many non-Spanish wines left. It’s gotta get better.

What do you do when your much anticipated wine doesn’t taste like you’d expect?
Check out these posts by Red Wine Diva (Should I Dump This Wine?) and Grape Stains by Jimmy (Enhance the Flavour of Your Inexpensive Bottles) for some solid advice!

For more reviews and an explanation of my scientifically tested rating system, be sure to check out my Reviews page! You know you want to know what those little wine glasses mean… πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Coastal Merlot 2009

  1. I think TJ’s wines are a lot of hit and miss. There are some good wines for sure, but a lot of it is also pretty bad. I’ve not been lucky at all with wines that have their name on the label (even the higher priced ones)…good luck!

  2. I DID like the Coastal Merlot a couple of years ago and thought it was smooth and mellow. However, I recently bought a 2011 bottle and it was terrible. Nothing mellow about it. It was really strong and had a bite to it. Not sure what they changed, but don’t think I’ll be buying it anymore.

  3. I picked up a 2012 bottle of TJ’s Merlot a couple of days ago because I’d heard some praise for the TJ brand from several people. Tried it last night and was terribly disappointed. Your judgement is almost about the bottle you tried is almost exactly the same judgement I came to. There was no depth or smoothness. Rather lumpy, if a wine’s texture can be described as such. When the wine touched my lips, I couldn’t help but wince. I wouldn’t term it undrinkable, but I definitely don’t think it’s going to be a pleasure to down this bottle.

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