I’m not calling them resolutions…

Today marks my first full workweek in my late-twenties. LATE TWENTIES. I’m less concerned about the fact that I’m now that much closer to 30 and more concerned about the fact that I still don’t feel like an adult. Like, ever. Conveniently, I heard a list of items that every man should own on the radio this week. Which inspired me to think about the female counterpart. And that was the last bit of motivation that I needed to make a few goals to feel more grown up.

To preface this, I’ll give you a number. 27. [late twenties]. So close to 30. If you don’t know, I’m currently a PhD candidate, hoping, wishing, and praying to graduate this May. I’ll start a new job as an Assistant Professor in August. On paper, it looks like I’ve got my shhhhh together. But to be 100% honest with you, I do not feel like a college professor.

I show up to work every day in jeans, a cardigan, and boots. With my hair clipped into a twist. Wearing only mascara and blush for make-up. Not to mention that my glasses are neon green on the inside. So, even though I feel confident and “well-enough-put-together”, I’m not sure that’s the vibe I’m giving off.


In an effort to look and act my age and rank, here are a few goals that I would like to accomplish before May.
[Dear Internet – please, please, please hold me accountable.]

    • Find a lipstick that I love that flatters me. And actually wear it.
    • Make an effort to use eye shadows and liners on weekdays (I swear I use them on the weekends!)
    • Wake up a little bit earlier on weekdays and do something with my hair other than the goofy french twist I’m always sporting (Again, I swear I do this at least once per week already!)
    • Find a signature perfume
    • Buy a black or navy blue blazer
    • Expand my wardrobe to be a bit more professional and a bit less boring (e.g. pants that make me feel awesome, new sweaters and cardigans, etc.)
    • Start to build my jewelry/accessory collection

There are a few things that I am happy with so far, which include:

8 thoughts on “I’m not calling them resolutions…

  1. Oh Kim, you crack me up……You are beautiful just the way you are! In my opinion, a twisted “up-do” is very flattering on you and I wouldn’t change a thing. As for the lipstick….stick with a frosty pink shade to start with until you get used to looking at yourself with color on your lips. Then if you want to get really daring, move up to the next shade on the color wheel!


    • Aww thanks. I might browse CVS this week for some lipstick shades that don’t look too intimidating. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear anything bright or flashy!

  2. I have so many comments about this post….

    1). you crack me up.
    2). you know, I’m still (STILL and planning on remaining) in my late 20s (no matter how many anniversaries I have of my late 20s). I just started wearing make up regularly; but I only wear it regularly on weekdays, weekends, I’m lucky if i change out of my pjs. So you are way ahead of me on this.
    3). It’s about time to get a suit, definitely a yes.
    4). when I thought about trying to be more grown up, i started to watch the news, learn about politics/world news, read parts of the newspaper that didn’t consist of lots of pictures, etc. But that only lasted a month or so. I like your definition/goals of growing up much better.
    5). You are graduating, moving, and getting married, YOU ARE WAY MORE GROWN UP than me. No need to change anything.

    • Haha thanks, Lisa! I’m glad you like my definition of being a grown up – I know that I’d give up on news/politics/boring stuff in like a week. I don’t want to act like a grown up, just look like one! And no matter what you say, you’re grown up and crazy successful. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m gonna say I’m right on target with the Lisas…. you’re hysterical and you crack me up. I think it’s interesting and funny in that you measure “growing up” through lipstick, hair, perfume, and a nice blazer…. I don’t know how I measure how “grown up” I am (perhaps I’m not), but I don’t know if it would be in those capacities. Here’s my question for you little lady….. Do you need eye shadow and eye liner to teach? Maybe that’s what I should do my dissertation on…. πŸ˜‰

    Be yourself!!! You are already more “grown up” than you give yourself credit for!!

    Side Note: You don’t have a boring wardrobe at all (I am highly jealous of it)

    Okay, that is all. xoxo

  4. Haaha. I feel you, girl. I am 33 this next month, and there are many days I’m like, Oh man. I could play up my assets a lot better. Its especially hard since I am a pastry chef (read: I am back of the house, covered in flour and buttercream every day), so I am bare-bones make-up (kitchen gets steamy/hot, too much face just melts off :P) and I rock the perma-ponytail. Hello, Plain Jane! Lol.

    Here are my recommendations for you:

    *Keep on with the wine. πŸ˜‰ It helps everything.
    *Keep up the self confidence. Chances are, even on the days you feel like your sh**s a mess, the rest of the world is never the wiser.
    *Are you on Pinterest? TONS of cute fashion ideas/inspiration.. Warning: Highly addictive πŸ˜‰
    *Try the MAC store for lipstick heaven. I’m a kid in a candy store there..

    Good luck Darlin!

    • You give excellent advice! I think it’s time that I devote a Pinterest board to fashion ideas, and I am so excited to check out the MAC store soon! I’m sure you look awesome in that kitchen – and if that perma-ponytail helps you make awesome desserts – I can’t imagine anyone would complain! πŸ™‚

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