Birthday Weekend Recap

Tomorrow is my twenty-cough-cough birthday. It seems a little bit crazy that I’m almost officially into my late twenties. Cheers to embracing aging! Or something.

I love, love, love having a January birthday. Once I make it through the fall semester, it’s smooth sailing for a whole month. Winter break, Christmas, the New Year, and then my birthday. Boom, boom, boom. And since I’m still a college student (9 years down, and sprinting to the finish line), I still get to enjoy the holidays the same way I always have.

I’ve had an awesome few weeks of break, working from home on some papers and projects, but not making the commute to school and sometimes wearing pajamas all day. So it must be said that I am dreading tomorrow, because the commute (and pants wearing) must start again. But I’m also looking forward to it, because it’s another fresh start (as if the New Year isn’t enough).

Blair made sure this weekend was perfect for me (awww…)! We spent Friday night in, made brats and potatoes, and snuggled with the pups. I hope our wild and crazy antics don’t offend any of you.


Saturday was the real winner of the weekend though! I spent the morning straightening up while Blair was at work. He picked out my nail polish color* (awww…) and we relaxed a bit while my nails were drying. Since it’s the start of a new calendar year and a new birthday year, we decided to join the bandwagon and get back on track with our healthy lifestyles. You may have noticed that after our engagement, we got lazy.

I mean, once you’ve got the ring, you can just phone it in. Am I right? No. Okay.

So I dug into my email archives for my weekly meal planning ideas from Emeals, took a quick inventory of our fridge, freezer, and pantry, and planned our meals for the week. If all goes according to plan, I’ll post those here soon.

Then, it was time for the the best part of the weekend. SHYNDIGZ. The best cake on the planet. Since it was my birthday weekend, I sweet talked Blair into getting us the sampler, which is 4 slices of cake, each weighing approximately 5 pounds. We chose a slice of fresh fruit (see, we’re keeping our health in mind), a slice of spotted cow (chocolate with the world’s best cream cheese frosting), a slice of decadent chocolate, and a slice of salted chocolate caramel (my all time fave). [insert drool]


We picked up some groceries, rented Madagascar 3 (adorable), The Odd Life of Timothy Green (unexpectedly good), and The Avengers (Blair’s choice), and came home to order pizza and celebrate the best way we know how. In pajamas. With wine. And cake.

This morning, we made it back to the gym for the first time in 2+ months, and I forgot how much I took my fitness for granted. After 12 minutes on the elliptical, I was exhausted. So, we’re telling ourselves that this is the last time we quit. Please, for the love of cake, wish us luck.

Today has been very low key but totally perfect. A perfect birthday weekend.

*It was Zoya Maya, for those of you who are curious.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend Recap

  1. Happy “early” Birthday Kim! We LOVE you and wish we could be there to give you a big birthday hug and kiss! I’m so happy that you have had a great weekend! Will talk to you tomorrow! Hugs, Mom

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