Candy Cane Vodka

I love candy canes. I love vodka. So I love the idea of combining these two delicacies (okay, so they’re not really delicacies…) to create a sweet and minty drink or mixer!

This gem of an idea is from Shutterbean via (obviously) Pinterest and could not be easier.

We had an impulse buy box of mini candy canes lying around, so that part was easy. We also had an awesome bottle of Absolut from last Christmas (I know, who keeps a bottle of vodka for that long?). So I had all of the ingredients ready to go!

The only effort you need to put not this mix is to grind the candy canes in your food processor (or put them in a ziplock bag and smash them with the bottom of a glass, which is arguably more fun). After that, just pour your magical candy cane dust into a large jar and fill it up with vodka! Add a lid to the bottle, shake it up, and let the two ingredients dance around together until the candy canes have totally dissolved (45 minutes or so).

If the candy canes don’t dissolve, just pour the mixture through a strainer, or let it sit longer (and keep shaking!).

How perfect is this for a quick DIY gift, white elephant gift exchange, or for yourself? Yum!


Since I haven’t taken a shot of liquor in 5-6 years, I elected not to go that route with this vodka. In true chocolate lovers fashion, I dumped a shot into some rich and creamy hot cocoa and settled for a relaxing Sunday afternoon!


Blair and I are both off from work for a whole week! So there’s a chance this vodka will be gone soon, as we have very few plans aside from fun with friends and Blair’s family. Our gifts are wrapped and under the tree (except the ones that Blair had to give me early after Sully and Gia opened them for me… shucks). Now, Sully has realized that there are goodies in the doggy stockings, so it seems that she is anxiously awaiting Tuesday morning! Gia hasn’t quite figured it out yet…


Candy Cane Vodka
Makes about 3 cups. Adapted from Shutterbean.
– 20-30 mini candy canes
– 3 cups of vodka

Grind the candy canes into a fine powder. Use a funnel to pour the powder into a mason jar, or any other jar with a tight fitting lid. Pour the vodka into the jar, seal the lid, and shake. After 30-45 minutes, if any pieces of candy cane are still visible, you can use strainer to remove them. Shake well before use and enjoy!


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