Wine Wednesday [Watermelon White Merlot]

Hiiiiiii, friends! It’s time to celebrate another glorious Wednesday with a delicious bottle of wine!

Tonight I chose a beautiful (and super unseasonal) watermelon white merlot that my bestie Jenny brought all the way from Goshen, Indiana. And since she spent the weekend in Virginia with us and I’m still recovering from her absence, I thought I would drink away my troubles and reminisce about our awesome weekend! 🙂


I’ve never had watermelon wine before, but I am now a fan. This wine is from Gateway Cellars in Indiana, and from what I understand, this was the last bottle of watermelon white merlot for the season. And I can tell why! It smells sweet and sugary and tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher. With booze. No complaints here.

And since I’m on my holiday schedule, I can work from home tomorrow! So I can drink the whole bottle, follow it up with peppermint ice cream, and sleep in. Mmmhhhmmm.

What are you drinking tonight? Have you ever tried watermelon wine?


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