Weekend Wrap Up [Dave Matthews Band!]

Friends, food, wine, and Dave Matthews Band. This weekend was perfect! Other than the fact that it’s over already.

Mike, Jenny, and Tinsley came to Virginia to hang out! It’s been a few months since we were all together, and it was so much fun to have them in town. Our house felt cold and lonely on Sunday after they left. Gia wandered the house looking for Tins. Sully cried. Blair and I ate chili.

Rewind. I had to work on Friday, so Blair and the gang picked me up from my office to head down the road to tailgate. (PS guys – thanks for your patience.) I was kind of grumpy. But after a few sips of wine from my sippy cup necklace, I felt awesome. Many, many thanks to Beth for the sippy cup and Jenny for the necklace. It’s okay to be jealous. The concert was awesome, and I was super happy to have been there! I also may have fallen asleep.


We started our Saturday with toast and egg cups and coffee. Then, Jenny and I had a wedding dress fashion show and she helped me choose which dress to wear! WHEEEEEE!

Then we spent some time at Blenheim Vineyards hoping for a Dave sighting (no luck), enjoyed some fun with friends at Jefferson Vineyards, and booked it back to town for some more tailgating! We got to catch up with our awesome friend Lisa (hiiiiiii!) who came into town for the show and gave me some reassurance that I’ll be a good grown up. I managed to drink a little less and stay awake a little longer during the concert. See? I’m a better grown up already.


As I eluded to in the beginning, the worst part about amazing weekends are that they only last a few short days. Sigh. At least it’s almost Tuesday.

Oh hey! By the way, I got a job! 🙂 I’m not ready to share details quite yet, but I couldn’t be happier! And I don’t have to go on any more interviews. Win win win win win.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up [Dave Matthews Band!]

  1. love love love the post. wish blair would have taken a picture of you sleeping at the concert… those dang bright lights and loud music really make people fall asleep. 🙂 Miss you guys – wish you would have cried like the dogs did, guess we aren’t really that important ;(

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