I’m Not Ready to Give Up on Pumpkins Yet!

After a busy weekend and a busier week, Sunday was a great day to rest and relax and enjoy some kitchen time! I’ve been telling myself for weeks that I would make some fresh pumpkin butter with my cute little sugar pumpkin, but it seemed so daunting and time consuming that I never got around to it.

Until now! I did a quick search for homemade, fresh pumpkin butter and stumbled upon a fantastic and oh so easy recipe at Oh She Glows.

I started by following her easy instruction on roasting a sugar pumpkin and couldn’t resist checking out her tutorial on roasted pumpkin seeds! It’s safe to say that I have a new blog crush…

Since I only had 1 sweet little pumpkin, I halved the recipe for pumpkin butter. Other than that, I followed Angela’s instructions exactly and could not be more pleased with the results! The butter is sweet and cinnamony, and just thick enough to satisfy me! Even Blair the skeptic gave it a thumbs up!


I cannot wait to spread the pumpkin butter on an English muffin, stir it into yogurt and oatmeal, and see what other creative uses come to mind. I only wish I had more! Something tells me this wouldn’t be quite the same without fresh pumpkin. The pepitas are fantastic as well! A salty, crunchy snack that we are loving. We’ve got butternut squash tostadas on the menu this week, and I think these little guys will be a wonderful addition to the dish. Yum!

I also just wanted to prove that we are attentive and loving dog-parents. Because we all know nothing says love like forcing your babies to wear a pumpkin stem hat. Gia was far more compliant (only because she was passed out) than Sully was. If only they understood that this is a sign of our love…



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