Wine Thursday!

I cannot believe that it’s already November. This week has really thrown me off, and I completely lost track of time. I missed Wine Wednesday! Whomp whomp.

But don’t despair. Due to Hurricane Sandy, classes were canceled on Monday and Tuesday. So that means thar I celebrated Wine Sunday, Wine Monday, and Wine Tuesday! So my body was probably thankful for a brief respite.

In all seriousness though, my thoughts are prayers are with those on the East Coast who were hit much, much harder than we were. I’ve heard so many tragic stories, and can only hope anyone affected can find peace and comfort soon. If you haven’t already, please consider doing something to help the relief efforts. Text ‘Red Cross’ to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Donate blood. Donate food and supplies. Anything you can.

Okay, back to the wine! To celebrate November and relieve a little bit of stress (more job applications, interviews, and dissertation work!), I decided to open the first bottle of James River Cellars Real Santa Red (Colonial Red)!


It’s light, sweet, and literally tastes like Christmas in a bottle. It’s like spiced wine, but not as overwhelming (and without the brandy, thank goodness). Super sweet and cinnamony. Cinnamoney? Cinnamon-y.

Sipping this wine next to a warm fire all snuggled up with Gia makes for a pretty good Thursday. 🙂

What have you been drinking lately?


2 thoughts on “Wine Thursday!

  1. Hey,
    I nominated you for an “Inspiring Blogger Award”. You know why? Cos you are awesome! I hope you will accept my nomination. Check back to my page for the guidelines of accepting. ☺

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