Wine Wednesday – Barboursville Vineyards Rosato

Another successful Wine Wednesday! But seriously, is any wine day an unsuccessful day?

Wine Wednesday She Wines Sometimes

I had a 40 minute tempo run scheduled for today, but due to unforeseen circumstances (traffic), I got home late and was too hungry (and thirsty) to run. So, I moved the run to Friday and decided to pop the cork early!

Blair grilled salmon with our favorite marinade, and I whipped up some brown rice and sweet potatoes. The whole dinner came together in under 20 minutes (!) and was delish. Seriously, try this marinade. And get Blair to run your grill. You’ll never feel hungry again.

I knew I wanted red wine for Wine Wednesday, but once we got the salmon going, we realized that we had 3 bottles of Barboursville Vineyards Rosato Rosé that we found on sale at the ABC store over the weekend. We tried the Rosato a few months ago at the winery, and instantly fell in love. We showed a little bit of restraint and only bought 1 bottle. And drank it immediately really quickly.

So, when we saw this poor, lonely wine sitting all by itself on the shelf this weekend, we knew we should adopt it and give it a good home. In our bellies.


The Rosato is a semi-dry (but still sweet) rich and fruity wine. The label states strawberries, plums, and spice – and I taste 2 out of the 3. I don’t get any spice, but I get sweet, juicy strawberries and a tiny bit of tart plum. The wine is a beautiful light pink, which brightens up this dreary weather (except the sunset tonight… I’m kicking myself for forgetting to take a picture!).

I’m not great at pairing foods with wine – I prefer to drink before and after a meal, and not with it. That being said, this wine paired very well with our salmon, sweet potato, and rice dinner. Lucky for us, we’ve got 2 more bottles in the chiller just waiting to be opened. 🙂

SomeECards Wine and Pinterest


Let’s chat!
Did you participate in Wine Wednesday? What did you drink?
What should we drink next week? (I’m thinking about Simply Naked Merlot!)


2 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday – Barboursville Vineyards Rosato

    • Yum! That is one varietal that I don’t drink often enough, but I know so many people who love it. I might need to put Pinot Noir on my grocery list this weekend. Thanks! 🙂

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