Fall Decorating – Wreath Making Made Easy

I’ve never really had an interest in seasonal decorating. It’s always seemed like a lot of work for a little reward. Last year, Blair’s mom bought us a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree because we didn’t have any decorations.

But now, thanks to Kate and Beth, I’ve been inspired! I had no idea how easy it was to spruce up the exterior of the house to reflect the seasons. I might be hooked!

We ended up at Michael’s the other weekend because Kate wanted to make a wreath. I’m a follower, so I decided to make one, too! This really might be the simplest craft yet. Pick out a grapevine wreath form in a shape that pleases you. Mine isn’t too perfect, but I liked the way it looked! I chose a color scheme to match the front door and picked out a few handfuls of fake flowers and a pretty, glittery ribbon.

I made Blair search the closet for a wire cutter, fished my glue gun out of my craft cupboard, opened a bottle of wine, and got to work!


Wrap the grapevine wreath in ribbon (or save it all to make a super fluffy and awesome bow). Drink a glass of wine. Snip the stems off of each flower with a wire cutter, leaving about 2-3 inches of wire beneath the blossom. Drink another glass of wine. Place the flowers around the wreath as you see fit, and secure with a bead of hot glue. Giggle. This is fun.


Attach the wreath to your front door with an over the door hook, or to your storm door with a suction cup. Admire your craftiness! Finish your wine.


Pick up some cute pumpkins to help adorn your front steps.


Get in the holiday spirit! I can’t wait to see what winter and Christmas bring!

Lets chat!
Do you decorate for each season?
Which season is your favorite?


2 thoughts on “Fall Decorating – Wreath Making Made Easy

  1. I absolutely decorate for each season! I wish I had more inventory than I do, but I try to keep it relatively simple! Fall and Halloween are my favorites because I can put the fall stuff out in September, Halloween in October, then I leave the fall stuff up until December when Christmas goes out!

    The wreath is awesome! I haven’t had much time to do DIY crafts for the holidays although Pinterest makes it awfully tempting!!! Good job!

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