Fact or Fad: Apple Cider Vinegar

Okay, I did it. I jumped on the apple cider vinegar train. And I think I like it.

I usually try to make educated decisions when it comes to health and fitness fads. I know that there are no magic pills or quick fixes. I’m happy with my body image and working on my fitness. I’m on the right track.

That being said, I’m curious by nature. Even if it seems too good to be true, sometimes I like to try new things. Here comes Honey Boo Boo apple cider vinegar! I first read about ACV on Wish & Whimsy a few weeks ago. The post intrigued me, and I did a lot of Googling.

I came to the conclusion that this fad was worth a shot. No pun intended (Blair tried a shot of it. He doesn’t recommend it). The Internet, which never lies, says ACV has been used for decades to fix everything from dandruff, acne, gout, bloating, digestion, and who knows what else. The Internet knows. That’s who.

Anyway, the claim about bloating was the claim that sold me. What girl doesn’t feel once in awhile every hour of every day? I didn’t have the patience to wait any longer. I needed the bloat to disappear immediately. I pulled the generic ACV I use in dressings and stir fry out of the cupboard, dumped 2 tablespoons into a glass of ice water, took my first sip toward my new amazing life, and almost died.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But it was BAD. Sour and awful. I tried to force down a few more sips. Nope, this was a no go. Back to the Internet. Ohhhhhhh. You don’t have to drink it like that. You can make it taste GOOD! Now we’re talking.

I drove my happy little butt down to the grocery store for better supplies. I can’t for the life of me find the website with the recipe I use, but I’ll keep searching. Gotta give credit where credit is due. I picked up some low sugar apple juice and raw, organic ACV (with ‘The Mother’ so you know it’s good).

Then, I grabbed my blender bottle, added 1 tablespoon of ACV, 1/2 cup apple juice, 1/2 cup water, 1 teaspoon honey, and a few shakes of cinnamon. I recommend popping the honey in the microwave for a few seconds and shaking the mix really well with ice. Now it’s good! Really good! Like apple pie in a glass. Yum!


I’ve been drinking this morning and night for about a week. And honestly, I do feel a little bit better. A little more energetic. A little less bloated. And I actually enjoy the taste. It’s weird, but I’ve started craving my ACV mix at night. I chose it over ice cream tonight. So you know it’s good. 😉

Oh, hey! It’s Wine Wednesday! Don’t worry, I’m not day drinking. I’ll be responsible and only open the bottle after work and my run. I’m such a grown up.

Here’s what’s on tap! In honor of the Dave Matthews Band winter tour schedule release yesterday, Blenheim Vineyards Painted Red.


A perfect first Wine Wednesday choice. Buckle up, folks. This is gonna be a good ride.


13 thoughts on “Fact or Fad: Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Your dad has been on this “kick” for over a year! He takes the “easy” route though by swallowing his AC in pill form! I am curious about your drink recipe and will admit that I’m going to try it!

  2. I’m so glad you tried it and found what you like and enjoy. I’m drinking my glass of ACV & Ice water right now. It helps me stay energized and it does help me with bloating (hence, better ab definition, too!). Happy Wednesday!

  3. I’ve been drinking it on and off for a few months now! I like how it makes me feel, but I still sometimes forget to take it… I take two tablespoons in some water and drink quickly. Sometimes in the morning on an empty stomach it doesn’t sit the best like that so I think that’s why I skip it sometimes. I’m anxious to try your recipe!
    I also use it in many salad dressings! Have you tried this? I like it mixed with olive oil, whatever herbs I have around (or dried whatever if I don’t have any), salt and pepper. It’s different, but good… and healthy if you believe all those websites! haha

    • I don’t have any trouble drinking this recipe on an empty stomach! It even manages to curb my hunger for 30 minutes or so after drinking it. I’ve used it in a dressing once or twice, but I think I need to try it again this weekend. Yum! 🙂

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