Woohoo! Wine Wednesday!

Do you ever need an excuse to pop the cork on a delicious bottle of wine?  Yep, so do I.  I pitched the idea last week and got a huge response!  Okay, that’s a lie.  But Jenny was on board, and that’s really all I need to make a decision.  So, this week starts my newest adventure. 

On Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning, I’ll clue you in on the wine I’ve chosen to indulge in.  Then, I’ll drink it on Wednesday.  Maybe I’ll even share it with Blair.  Maybe.  Like I said earlier this week, let’s not get crazy.  Gosh, this sounds like a fantastic excuse to weekday drink like a lot of fun already.

Once I’ve had a glass… finished the bottle… had enough wine to satisfy me, I’ll write up a post and expertly critique the color, clarity, and opacity.  I’ll give deep insight on the aroma and bouquet.  I’ll describe the taste, tannins, sugars, and finish.  You’ll think I’m brilliant.  You’ll probably drop everything you’re doing and drive to your local wine shop to purchase the same bottle to enjoy in your own living room.

Okay, that’s also a lie.  I’ll probably put on my pajamas, drink between 1 and 4 glasses of wine, say that I really enjoyed the taste, and try to make a joke or two.  And probably tell a story about something ridiculous I did or said.  It may very well involve tears, cheers, and passing out at 9pm.  But hey, what are Wednesdays for?

Please, join me on this journey.  Spread the word, grab the button, and have some fun.  Leave a comment below if you plan to join me!  Let’s see what happens.

Cheers!  😉


18 thoughts on “Woohoo! Wine Wednesday!

  1. hahahahaha your description of this is phenomenal. I was just thinking it was a time for us to drink wine and share what we were drinking – I don’t know if I could get as crazy as what you’re thinking, but I’ll do my best! 🙂

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