Feeling Fit and Powerful!

Sunday will mark the end of my first week of my 10K training program. I’ve made quite a few changes to the program to accommodate my schedule. Since my personal training sessions last about 60 minutes, it’s hard to justify another 30 minutes to run on the same night, so I decided to cram in the 6 extra miles this weekend. So far, so good.

I’ve felt so motivated to work hard this week. I’ve started scheduling my workouts in my calendar, so all day long when I’m watching my meeting schedule, I see a reminder of my impending run. It doesn’t cause fear, dread, or annoyance. It pumps me up! Scheduling my workouts may have been the best fitness decision I’ve made so far!

Friday’s workout was a 35 minute tempo run. I’ve never really tried a tempo run before, so I struggled with my pace. I intended to do 10 easy minutes, 15 minutes at race pace, and 10 easy minutes to cool down. I ended up just running. It turned out okay though. I managed 4.25 miles in 35 minutes and felt great. We decided to go out for dinner afterward, and ended up at Kabuto for some delightful sushi. Mmmmm. I stuck with my old faithful tuna roll and avocado roll. They were pretty close to perfect.

Don’t forget dessert! Gelati Celesti ice cream sandwiches. I chose the “Just Ask” flavor (but didn’t ask) sandwiched between two perfect sugar cookies. Indulgent.


I started Saturday morning with my longest run ever. I wanted to do 6 miles, but felt good and pushed myself to finish 6.5. I honestly think I had a mile or 2 left in the tank, buy hey, let’s not get crazy. Plus, I had a standing appointment with Beth and Kate for pedicures and lunch. And an impromptu visit to Michael’s for craft supplies!

Needless to say, I felt like a beast! I never imagined I’d run a 5K. Let alone a 10K. In really, really good time. I’m not sure what a competitive 10K time is, but if that were my first race pace, I’d be content. In the past 2 months, I’ve done more physical work than I ever imagined I could. I’ve lost a few pounds, a ton on inches, and feel and sleep better than ever. I’ve found my groove. 🙂


To help me “recover” from 10+ miles in 36 hours, Blair took me shopping! We grabbed much needed essentials as Costco, snacked on spinach pies from the Mediterranean market, and stopped by Total Wine for a few beers. We came home, soaked in the hot tub, and relaxed. Blair made the best steaks we’ve ever eaten using a marinade from my Foodie Penpal (more to come on that soon!) with mushrooms and onions.


And my favorite fancy wine, Barboursville Vineyards Sangiovese Reserve.


Here’s hoping Sunday will be equally as awesome as Friday and Saturday. Happy weekend!


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