Crochet Coffee Mug Sleeve (and Concord grape wine!)

Crochet day! I haven’t had one of these in a few days. Sometimes I’d just rather veg on the couch than use my brain to count stitches and read patterns. But the cold fall weather made me think of hot coffee and lunchtime walks to Starbucks for PSLs! And, because I try to be environmentally friendly whenever possible, I decided that instead of using their cups and cardboard sleeves, I could make a sleeve to fit my mug!

I sized it to the same-ish dimensions as the Starbucks sleeve, so I’m guessing it will fit their cups, but haven’t tried it yet. I’m also pretty sure a good wash and dry cycle will shrink it a little bit, since its a cotton yarn.

For this project, I used the same colorful cotton yarn from the DIY knotted headband, because I love the softness and the color gradations. Perfectly cheery for a chilly autumn day!

I made this pattern up to fit my stitch style and the size of the sleeve I was aiming for. I had to try a few times to get my base chain the right length – but from there it was straight forward!


Of course, I needed to have a glass of wine to help me fully relax. Not to mention the health benefits, right? I drink for my health. 😉 Mike + Jenny brought us 2 bottles of wine when they came to visit in June, and I’ve been waiting until the perfect time to open one up.

Jenny just sent me an email that I sent her a long time ago with one of my favorite poems, and the sweetest note about our friendship. And that made me miss her. So, to drown my sorrows celebrate our friendship, I popped the cork on a Brown County Winery ‘Vista Red Wine.’ For whatever reason, I never read the back label on this wine. I had been assuming it was an unassuming red table wine. OMG. I was wrong.

My first sip blew me away. My favorite Ohio winery makes a wine from Concord grapes (think grape juice and grape jelly). After my shock and awe, I checked the label, and lo and behold, a Concord wine! Ahhhhhhhh! I’m almost glad that I didn’t know what to expect – sometimes the smallest surprises are the best surprises. This might be a 2 glass Wednesday. Can I make that a thing? Wine Wednesday. Sold.



Crochet Coffee Mug Sleeve
Size H crochet hook

Chain 38, slip stitch in first chain to form a loop.
Rounds 1-4: Double crochet in each chain (38 Dc).
Round 5: Dc in first 37 ch. Half double crochet in last ch.
Round 6: Single crochet around (38 Sc). Finish off.



3 thoughts on “Crochet Coffee Mug Sleeve (and Concord grape wine!)

  1. Wine Wednesday! WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA! I was just thinking I should jump on board with the WIAW (what I ate Wednesday), but I am pretty sure I love the idea of Wine Wednesday more so…… And, I miss you too. Sorry you had to drown in your sorrows, but glad you had wine (and Blair, and Gia, and Sully) to be there for you 🙂 Beats the days of cupcake making, creepy insect killing, and chocolate chips to sooth the sorrow days…….


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