5K PR + Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream!

What a week! I keep telling myself to just make it to Saturday. Once my first round of applications are submitted and I can stop stressing, I think I’ll feel better. Yesterday was longer than anticipated (in mostly a good way), but I didn’t make it home until 7pm. Instead of going to the gym, we decided to run the neighborhood loop 5K.

My chest and arms are crazy sore from bootcamp last night. We did upper body circuits for like 35 minutes with no breaks. It was an awesome workout, and I feel so strong! Blair says my shoulders look awesome. I’ll take it! 🙂

I never thought my arms would make running harder. While my legs felt fresh and ready to roll, my upper body was not having it. It was a “good pain” though, so I kept it up. We decided to do an easy run with no walking or rest breaks. About 2 miles in, Blair decided we’d pick up the pace for our 5K PR. I reduced my time by 1 minute 18 seconds with an 8:35/mile average! Whoa! My last PR was on a treadmill and I felt like I worked so hard. This was a road run and it felt awesome!

Either we’re getting better at this running thing, or… well, I guess we’re just getting better.

Since I worked so hard last night, I decided to reward myself with the most amazing pumpkin ice cream ever from Gelati Celesti. Yum. This is like a PSL on steroids and frozen. So thick and creamy and delicious. Blair surprised me with it earlier this week. Once again, I’m so lucky. 😉



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