Treadmill Interval 5K – A New PR!

I’ve been struggling badly on the treadmill recently. If its not one thing (heavy legs) it’s another (not so happy tummy). Last night drew the line – I barely ran a mile before I felt nauseated and frustrated. Thank goodness, today was a turning point! I was in a better mood today and really felt like I could get after it. And I did!


A 5K (3.1 miles) personal record! I couldn’t feel better!

Here’s roughly how I did it. I struggle to stay mentally awake on the treadmill. I can’t run at a steady speed for long, so intervals are my new boredom buster.


Since I’m in record breaking mode these past few weeks, hopefully I can start shaving that time down. I’m happy for now, though!

Once we got home from the gym, Blair and I had an indulgent Friday evening, including Barboursville Merlot, salmon en papillote, Blaak cheese + balsamic drizzle, and chocolate! More details are on the way soon!

Happy weekend!



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