Daisy Chain and Clusters Crochet Baby Blanket

I’ve been trying to carve out a few hours a week to finish a baby blanket for a friend who recently had a baby girl. I started a blanket for baby K when I found out her mom was expecting. But I learned a valuable (time consuming) lesson. Pay attention to your stitch counts.

Yes, I have always known this. But I’m stubborn and get distracted while working, and one thing led to another. Instead of a pretty square blanket, about halfway through I noticed I had created a funnel shaped blanket. Sad face.

So, with a hopeful attitude, I started over with a new pattern. As baby K is getting older daily (obviously) I keep reminding myself to stop being a lazy friend a get to work. Slowly but surely, the blanket is coming along. And I am absolutely, positively in love with it.

The pattern is made of daisy chains and clusters and can be found here. The result, with washable, dryable baby sport weight yarn, is a soft and super cuddly blanket.


The first blanket I made about a year ago was a giant granny square for baby A. I was recently talking to her mom, who said they use the blanket all the time, but especially while baby A was an infant, because the stitches allow air flow. Her parents could rest easier knowing that if when she pulled the blanket over her face, she could still breathe, unlike what may happen with a continuous blanket. Because I’m not a parent, I honestly never even considered this. So, it reinvigorated my sense of urgency for baby K’s blanket.


It’s almost 1/2 finished, and a relatively slow pattern (at least for me) but I now realize this blanket will be huge. But I hope it will be worth it. And I hope I can get my act together and finish it quickly. Who knew trying to finish a PhD and searching for a job would take up so much of my time? Not me.


And maybe now, instead of writing about the blanket, I should try to get a few rows finished.


3 thoughts on “Daisy Chain and Clusters Crochet Baby Blanket

  1. Your Great Grandma Fran is smiling ear to ear in heaven right now, loving that her Great Granddaughter has acquired the same talent and love for the art of crochet! This is beautiful Kim!

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