A Foodie’s Dream Day

There are so many yummy things going on in my life right now!
1. I am now a Foodie Penpal! If you haven’t heard of this, check out Lindsay’s site by clicking the button below and get excited. On the 5th of each month, you get paired with 2 food loving penpals. It’s like grade school all grown up. Someone sends you a foodie box, and you send a different box to someone else. On October 1, we get to have a reveal day, where all participants write a post about what they received. Yum!
*You don’t need a blog to participate – anyone can join.

This is my first month participating, but I can barely contain my excitement! Follow along toward the end of the month to see what my penpal sent!

The Lean Green Bean

2. Pumpkin spice lattes are back! It was 90 degrees this afternoon, but I obviously didn’t have a choice but to walk by happy little (but getting firmer!) butt down the road for my first PSL of the year. I slurped it down before I remembered to take a picture. But I’ll cherish the memory until next week.

3. Bootcamp is officially moved to Tuesdays, but I still get to look forward to Wednesdays thanks to Horse and Buggy Produce. Mega yum. This week, we got an awesome variety of fresh, local fruits and veggies!

– Bibb lettuce
– Field lettuce
– Cucumbers
– Concord grapes
– Green (heirloom) tomatoes
– White potatoes
– Green beans
– Eggplant
– Watermelon
– Eggs
For only $30!


As always, if you live in the Richmond/Charlottesville/Crozet/Lynchburg area, check these guys out now! They’re even offering 1/2 off the price of your first week.

4. A simple and delicious breakfast-for-dinner. 3 scrambled eggs with olive oil and tomatoes, topped with goat cheese crumbles, toast, and a plum. I almost lost my flexor digitorum superficialis in the plum-depitting process (why wouldn’t I stab a plum pit with a knife?), but the melted creamy goat cheesy eggs made up for the scare. And my finger flexes just fine. All’s well that ends well, right?


Happy (blurry, frenzied) eating!



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