Back to Bootcamp!

After an entire week with no bootcamp and minimal cardio, it was time to get back to work.  In my defense, bootcamp was canceled all week so Coach could get his football team ready for their first week of school.  I left work super late last night, so we were rushed to get to the gym on time.  Blair was sweet enough to get all of my clothes ready to go so I could change quickly and get out the door.  What a dream boat.  🙂

I only had about 5 minutes to warm up, so I hopped on the elliptical and got to work.  I definitely needed more cardio – I felt like I could have gone hard last night.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  Coach decided we would do weight circuits since our group room was in use.  I felt the burn in a great way.  Here’s a quick rundown of our workout:

Afterwards, I realized how amazing I felt!  I didn’t sweat too much (I blame the crummy warmup) but it felt so good to get back to a routine.  It’s been nearly 60 days since Blair and I got serious about our health and fitness, and I can say that I’m officially hooked.  I think he is, too.

The girls, on the other hand, are exhausted.


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