I could be prosecuted + Jenny’s birthday

I guess I’ll never learn.  Every time I try to send someone something glass in the mail, it breaks.  This time, I used bubble wrap, tissue paper, extra boxes, blown up ziploc bags, and air filled packing bags.  And you know what happened?  Both pieces of glass broke.  And it just so happens that inside one of those glass bottles was some fan-fricking-tastic wine.  It was all for Jenny’s birthday and arrived 3 days late, broken, and soaking wet.  I’ll take 50% of the blame here.  Yes, I should know better.  BUT, they should be more careful.

As it turns out, mailing wine is illegal and now I’m going to go to jail.  See you later.

So, that’s cool.  Lucky for me, Jenny is a good sport and said nothing else in the box was damaged beyond repair.  Here’s what her birthday package contained.

– Bethenny’s SkinnyGirl Yoga DVD
– You Are Good at Things: A Checklist
– Tied in Knots: Funny Stories from the Wedding Day

– Lavender and Peppermint DIY Body Scrub (DIY Instructions)

– Lavender and Peppermint DIY Body Butter (DIY Instructions)

– Wine bottle holder made from a wine barrel

– Crochet knotted headband (DIY Instructions)

– 1 broken bottle of wine
– 1 broken wine bottle lamp

Here’s hoping for better luck at Christmas.  Or next year.  Or ever.


7 thoughts on “I could be prosecuted + Jenny’s birthday

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