We Are So Fast!

Blair and I chose to run “the loop” this evening. The loop is a 3 mile circle around our neighborhood + the next one over. We used to walk to loop in 50 minutes. Today, we ran it in 28 minutes! I love my Nike+ SportBand. But even with that, where I can see my pace in real time, I’m awful at running at a consistent speed. Lucky for me, Blair is a machine.

We ran the loop on Tuesday and he decided we would run our fastest mile. We did! 7 minutes and 51 seconds.

Today, he wanted to go faster. So we did. Which I hated sort of liked. My legs were so heavy from my treadmill interval workout last night, and we were too impatient to warm up, so I struggled to keep up the whole run.

Look what we did!


One week ago, I posted about my 8:15 mile that I was proud of. Who knew that in 1 week, with some motivation and a good pacer, I could cut my time down by 49 seconds! I’m excited to see what I could do with a good warmup after an easy day. Blair wants to get below 7 minutes, which seems impossible right now. But if you told me 2 months ago I could do what we did tonight, I’d laugh.

As you can see from the chart, after our first mile we took it easy. We were both wiped out. We were able to pick up the pace a bit here and there, and averaged 9:45 over 2.9 miles. Not terrible, and we feel like we got a decent non-gym workout.

After the run, we decided to clean the house for our cookout tomorrow. Like really clean. I spent like 20 minutes scrubbing the sink.

I’m having a well-deserved Octoberfest or two (is it really that time of year again?!) to wind down after a long week. Did I mention that classes started on Tuesday? It was unceremoniously my last first day of school as a student! This time next year, after 9 years of school, I’ll be a real live professor. Unless we win the lottery. One can hope, right?

The girls had a tough day, too.



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