Sunday Breakfast: Toast and Egg Cups

It was rainy and gloomy this morning, so to add some pep to our steps, I made Blair’s favorite breakfast. Toast and egg cups! We very loosely follow this idea from Martha Stewart. We typically make 5 cups – 3 for him and 2 for me, which is enough to hold us both over until lunch.

I roll 3 slices of bread as thin as possible with a rolling pin, then use a glass to make 2 circles from each slice. I also save the scraps to use when forming the cups. No waste in this breakfast!


Then, I smash the bread circles and scraps into 5 greased muffin cups. I like to leave a empty cups in between so everything cooks more evenly.


Crack 1 egg into each toast cup and gently break yolks.


Now it’s time to add your toppings! We used a good pinch of bacon bits, and a sprinkle of chives and basil, topped with Parmesan cheese. Add a bit of salt and pepper and you’re ready to bake!


We like our yolks a little runny and gooey, so we only bake for 10-12 minutes at 350F. For harder yolks, bake for 15 minutes.


Good luck not inhaling these in 2 minutes. I eat mine plain Jane style, and Blair shakes on some hot sauce to spice them up. Delish!


After a satisfying breakfast we ran errands and relaxed. Of course, we had to swing by Three Dog Bakery in Stony Point Mall for gourmet treats for the girls. I was so hungry when we walked into the store, and I’m slightly ashamed to admit that the smell of the bakery (like a real human bakery!) made my mouth water. These ‘pugs in a blanket’ had the same effect on the girls. So spoiled.


We’re headed down the road later tonight for a low country boil at his parents’ house and we are so excited!


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