Old Bay Shrimp + Cherry Wine

Happy Friday! Sometimes Blair and I have what I consider ‘lazy Fridays’ and today is one of those. Once we were home from work, we decided to head to the gym for a short workout. But first, Home Depot, our home away from home to get a few pieces of beautiful poplar wood for tomorrow’s craft project. Fun!

We were 2 of 4 people at the gym. Which means everyone else probably had more exciting plans than we did. I did a 10 minute elliptical interval warmup alternating from incline 6, resistance 6 to incline 10, resistance 6. Just enough to break a sweat. Then I hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes and continued the interval trend. But first – I ran my fastest mile since high school!

Then I took it easy at 7 mph for a few minutes, then slowed down to 4.2 with an incline of 6 for 5 minutes. I finished out at 7 mph and walked my final 2 minutes. Overall pace was a 10 minute mile, which I can’t seem to change. But it’s only been 6 weeks. I’ll get faster.

We made amazing spiced shrimp for dinner. We had it as an appetizer last weekend at our friends’ house and knew we needed to recreate it ASAP. This may have been the easiest seafood I’ve ever had a part in preparing. Blair boiled some water, added 3/4 of a beer (we chose an IPA we found in the fridge), then added a bag of raw thawed shrimp and boiled ~3 minutes. Then we drained it and dumped on enough Old Bay to coat all the pieces, then we dined. Super yum!


We also snacked on leftover mesquite grilled chicken and Swiss cheese. Understand now why I call this a lazy Friday? We’re going to round out this beautiful night on the back patio – Blair with a cigar and some Hardywood Mocha and me with my favorite old faithful Troutman Vineyard Cherry Wine in my favorite double walled wine glass.

Add some chill music, and we’ve had a successful and relaxing start to our weekend.

Happy weekend!



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