Grilled Chicken and Veggies + DIY Sneak Peek

Tonight was exactly what we needed. A night off from the gym with time for me to work on Jenny’s birthday gifts and time for Blair to research his stocks and have a cigar before dinner. We threw together a super fresh and simple dinner tonight – mesquite marinated chicken and fresh sweet corn on the grill with balsamic tomatoes on the side.


Look at those grill marks!

Look how bright that corn is! It was amazing. Blair grills everything perfectly every time. I’m so lucky!


After dinner, I put the finishing touches on Jenny’s birthday gifts. I set a record this year. Her birthday isn’t until early next week, but I already have everything ready to ship! No joke, in the past I’ve been up to a month late on shipping. Not because I’m forgetful, just because sometimes I’m too lazy to find tape and a box. Now the only challenge left is to get to the post office tomorrow – wish me luck!

Quite a few of her surprises are DIY projects that I am so excited for! Once she gets the package, I’ll post more details and pictures. But I don’t want to ruin the surprise! Here’s a sneak peel, though…


Crafty, crafty.

I need to find a wrap-up line for these things… Goodnight!


“Mom, I need my beauty rest. Please turn out the lights and put your camera away.”


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