Fresh Produce + Boot Camp

Wednesdays are my favorite. They are usually my longest day of the week, but come with the greatest reward. After work today, I got to pick up my bi-weekly share of fresh, local produce grown within 100 miles of Charlottesville and picked less (much less!) than 48 hours ago. And since our garden is currently only producing tomatoes (it got so hot here that nothing else survived), these produce boxes always perk up our diets quickly and easily. If you’re in the Charlottesville/Richmond area and haven’t checked out Horse and Buggy Produce, I highly recommend you do so soon! Fresher and cheaper than any grocery store around!


All this for $30? Yes!

Today’s bounty included a giant watermelon (I asked if we could put vodka in it), potatoes, apples, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green beans, sweet corn, a red onion, and a green bell pepper. It feels like autumn is quickly approaching! Everything looks perfect and delicious. The girls thought so, too.


Umm, hello? Where are our treats?

Then to the gym. Boot camp. I got there early enough to do a 15 minute interval elliptical warmup that got me sweating. Then, to mix things up a bit, Coach decided we would do weight machine circuits and free weights instead of our normal body weight and free weight workouts. I had jello arms after the first 4 minutes. We did 8 arm exercises for 8 hours 60 seconds each. Then weighted-walking squats, lunges, and side lunges. Jello legs. Then 4 leg exercises for 60 seconds each, followed by rope wiggling… for lack of a better term. Then death by abs, which included some type of “lay on your back, lift your arms to touch your legs then relax” torture (not as easy as it sounds!) and finished with bicycles. Time! Thank goodness. Needless to say, 60 minutes flew by today and I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow (in a good way!). Always stay positive.

We were tired and it was almost 9pm by the time we got home, so we each cooked some eggs – dippy eggs with buttered toast for me, and spicy cheesy scrambled eggs for him. And cheddar cheese for the girls. Someone can’t resist their pleading puppy dog faces.



2 thoughts on “Fresh Produce + Boot Camp

  1. The produce looks delicious! I’m proud of both of you for taking charge of your health in more ways than one! Keep up the good work!

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