I’m new around here…

I’m a little slow to jump on the social media bandwagon.  In college, my friends created my Facebook account. Years after the initial craze, I started tweeting.  Then, Pinterest.  And now, a blog!  Hello, world.

In my ideal ‘I’m going to be the best blogger ever!’ world, I’ll learn to use a camera and take beautiful pictures of my meals, my shoes, my garden, and my family and discuss the dazzling and exciting details of my life – and the Internet will fall in love with me.

In reality, I’m going to post iPhone quality pictures of my dogs and talk about my daily productivity in terms of work vs. fun – and the Internet will take little notice of me.

So, to get this started… it’s a work-from-home day.  Which is nice, because I save 2.5 hours I would normally spend in the car and get 2.5 extra hours of this face instead.

Wake up! Play with me!

Thankfully, I still have time for crafts once she gets this out of her system and starts her daily squirrel hunt.

The start of a birthday craft for a certain someone.

So with a brave face and the knowledge that I’ll spend the rest of the day editing a manuscript and catching up on my assigned summer reading, I end my first blog post.


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